Scooterboy-World - the home of the rally going scooterist
10 years old and still drinking it's way to an early grave.

Welcome to Scooterboy World, the internets biggest Scooterboy related forum.

If you are easily offended, are a mod, a restoration anorak or an eBay ripoff merchant - please go and find another forum. We REALLY don't want you in here unless you can post without any attemped trolling.

Scooters are for riding. They aren't for polishing, thread counting or making a profit from. They're a fun way of getting around the country.

Further, if you make a point of doing scooter rallies with your scooter in the back of a van, hitched to the back of a Chelsea tractor or - sin of all sins! - with it mounted on the back of a Winnebago, then piss off now.

Not just from here, but from the scooter scene as a whole.

On the other hand, if you understand what we're saying then welcome aboard. You'll be abused, ridiculed and told yer a cunt.

But we love you really.